Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Random Thoughts

I am Sister Holy Axe of Courteous Joy! What's your Unitarian Jihad name? Via Mary Kay.

If that doesn't rock your boat, why not try The First Church of Galactus?

For hardcore Doctor Who fans only: The Dalek Song.

Johnny B links to a Micro-Heroes site, and I once again found myself downloading tons of Aquaman icons. Sigh.

Absorbascon wants to bring back O.G.R.E. Oddly enough, Shaun McLaughlin intended to do just that in his short-lived run on Aquaman.

Eskimo does have 32 words for snow. Sort of.

The Algebra of Final Jeopardy. How to bet when you get to the end of the game. Via Various and Sundry.

Metafilter goes Haiku.

The announcement of the 2012 Olympic site is coming soon. The odds are against New York. I suspect it will be Paris, myself, but I'm usually wrong on this sort of thing.

Boing Boing directs us to some Japanese Star Trek Artwork.

Waiting for Bigfoot. A live video feed has been set up in a remote Northern California forest with the hope of catching Bigfoot in the act. A research project? No! This is a piece of performance art.

Political Links: Daily Kos on Asking Questions, a summary of the treason committed by someone in the Bush Administration in the Plame affair, and more on chickenhawks.