Sunday, August 21, 2005

Random Thoughts and Blogarounds

Mr Foglio goes to San Diego, Part 5. No links in this one, as he explains at the bottom of the post.

A fanfic crossover between Harry Potter and Bujold's Wormhole Nexus books. As Garrett repeats, if you haven't read the Vorkosigan books yet, why not?

Dave Ex Machina says Fantastic!

Here's a bit of interesting history on the Bumstead family in the Blondie comic strip, which you know if you read Mark Evanier or the comics pages in general is celebrating 75 years of Dagwood falling asleep on the job.

Oompa Loompa Imposters. Hubby-Eric tells me that there have been Munchkin Imposters as well. It's not too difficult to confirm who was in each movie, though, so don't just take the actors' words for it.

What Barbara Bush really said.

Anyone else as incredibly annoyed at this letter to Dear Abby as I was? I mean, seriously. Abby should've told the bigot to either grow a brain or move. I did find Abby's actual response to be a bit odd, though. She says "First of all" but doesn't continue with a second point. Did she get edited? NOTE: I found the rest of Abby's response at uExpress: "Rather than picking a fight about something so insignificant, you should concentrate on cultivating your own garden and stop obsessing about what's going on in his."

And, finally, here are some blogarounds for you to check out: