Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Random Thoughts

The Dreamland Chronicles is now a web comic. The website is too wide for my computer settings, but I can read the pages just fine. This is a book I've been wanting to check out for some time, but haven't bothered to hunt down yet. Now I can check it out without a hunt.

Dorothy's Journal links to another review of Dorothy.

Image for April.

Comics Fairplay gives a lesson on what not to do at cons. I would like to whole-heartily agree, particularly with numbers 1 and 4. When I ask for an autograph anymore, I generally get it in my green autograph book. And when I ask for a sketch, I try to make sure I'm not taking up too much time from other fans. I've never understood why any fan wants every single book in a longbox by one creator signed. It's insane. As for shoving... I'm big enough that if you shove me, I'll take it then shove you right back. I've done it before, and I'll do it again.

Garrett directs us to the tale of The Grammarian's Five Daughters.

Virtual Slide Rules.

Dr Eric Larson (no, not that one) tells us that a little exercise can stave of dementia.

The Economist is looking for a few good pranks.

Faster Elevators?

How to make a bottlecap tripod for your camera.

Top 10 Literary Hoaxes.

Slashdot celebrates Benjamin Franklin's 300th Birthday.

Boing Boing has an entry about what a cochlear implant actually sounds like, and the PBS site it links to is now back up so you can hear it for yourself.

Mystery line confuses Londoners. I just like stories like this. When I was going to school in Bellingham, a truck full of paint sprung a leak on I-5 north from Seattle to Bellingham. It left a line of splatters all the way into town, where the truck was pulled over and a portion of the shoulder was covered with paint. It didn't last a very long time, but for quite a few trips it was interesting to watch where the truck had gone, and where it changed lanes.