Friday, April 21, 2006

Links Links Links

Mercury Studios witnesses a shooting. Sort of.

Ghost Hunters, one of my favorite programs recently, went to the Willard Library to hunt for ghosts. I've linked to their ghost cams before.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #47. Hmmm.

Aaron Williams once again has a great entry... I want to read PS238 #17 NOW.

Elayne suggests entering the Ben and Jerry's Do Us A Flavor contest, which has nifty prizes. For added ease, use the Flavor Generator to make your ice cream design.

Colleen Doran reports on what I, too, thought was a joke. An Arab airline has adopted what appear to be the South Park kids for their mascot.

Making Light has more about the Writer's Beware 20 Worst Agents List and in particular the scam agent who is threatening legal action and trying to get Teresa fired from her job for exposing scam artist lies.