Sunday, July 23, 2006

Too Hot To Think

Our nice cool house has warmed up quite a bit, because I had most of the lower branches trimmed from the trees out front during the last year. So in the evenings, the sun shines directly in the main windows and heats the house dramatically. I'm beginning to really get warm... but at least I haven't had to sit outside today. According to the temp gauge it's 91F outside right now. Ouch.

How about a few scattered links...

CBR Day 2 Photo Parade at the Comicon. Also, CBR reports on the stopping of ticket sales. If I do go back to San Diego Comicon some year, I plan to spend all day Saturday working booths and not hitting the floor. Also, The Beat has more photos and Newsarama Blog links to good newspaper coverage of the con.

My old friend Paul Cornell (who wrote me into a Doctor Who novel) is writing for Marvel, working on a character I've never heard of. I usually don't buy books for creators, but I might make an exception here. Paul's been a friend of mine for a very long time.

The only interesting Aquaman news I've heard comes from Action Figure Insider, who are reporting that the New Aquaman is getting his own figure in the fourth wave of the First Appearances line along with the new Blue Beetle, The new Atom, Warlord, and modern Martian Manhunter. DC Direct is attempting to bankrupt me.

Action Figure Insider New Aquaman

And yes, I'll be getting this figure. I love the new Aquaman series. There is more mystery and fun than we've had for a long time. Along with undersea intrigue and a whole new status quo to mix it up. At the moment, despite the book's focus being on the new guy, the tale of Orin hasn't yet finished and I'm waiting to see how he returns to normal and gets his throne back... or if he even does manage it. I love the inclusion of Vulko in the last issue, and how everything fits the character perfectly. This is the Vulko I fell in love with when I started reading the books. The scientific skeptic who nonetheless refused to stop learning. It's a shame there will likely never be a Vulko action figure.

Right... the heat has addled my brain. I think I'd better go catch up on reading some comic books. I'm still a few weeks back in reviewing.