Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Live-Blogging Hallowe'en

Longtime readers of my blog know that I'm a fan of Hallowe'en. I enjoy the fact that kids get a chance to dress up and visit their neighbors. I love giving out comic books and candy (yes, that was comics and candy).

This years treats from the Gjovaags to any children who come in costume to their door and say the magic words are: three or four mini-comics, a full size comic, and a full-size candy bar (none of those "fun size" jokes from me!). They also get my gratitude for coming to my door and showing off their creativity and enthusiasm.

I don't expect a big turnout tonight. It is a school night, and the tradition of trick-or-treating is slowly dying. But I promise that kids who come to my door will get their effort's worth, and as they come, I intend to update this entry.

5:00 pm - No kids yet. It's going to be a disappointing night, I think. The good news is that hubby-Eric should be getting home from Sylvan very early, so I'll have someone to commiserate to soon. I'm reading through past entries to entertain myself: 2002, 2003, 2004, and 2005.

5:54 pm - First two! Two boys, one in a black mask, one in camo paint (I think the best description of their costumes is "thugs"). They were surprised at getting four comics and a candy bar each. I spotted their mother on the street and asked if she wanted a candy bar as well, but she declined.

6:40 pm - Two more... a dragon and something pink (a bunny?). Very young. They got Disney comics with the ashcans and a candy bar each. Their dad brought them up to the door, and he got a candy bar as well.

7:28 pm - Three more. A vampire, A Batman, and a witch. They were delighted with the comic books. Escort stood on lawn watching. Seven kids so far...

7:40 pm - A HUGE CROWD!!!!! My niece and nephews arrived, A pumpkin fairy, Spider-Man, and a Punkin. And my brother claimed he was dressed up as a "dad". In addition, we had a crowd of five older kids who came up behind the relatives, and we had to bring the family into the house to give out stuff to the others. One of the older kids was an invisible man, but I didn't manage to catch the rest. Eight people all at once! That makes 15 total. We've matched last year. I'm happy.

8:08 pm - One more, a football (soccer) player. We have now surpassed last year!

8:39 pm - Two more, a 30's Chicago gangster and a geisha. The geisha was absolutely delighted and told us we were awesome. That makes 18.

10:00 pm - And that seems to be that. I think I'm too tired to stay up and watch the Ghost Hunters special, and I don't think any more kids are going to come this late. Time to close up the house. But hey, we got 18 kids this year, which was far more than I was expecting. It was a much better year than I had even hoped.