Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wednesday Linkages

Tamora Pierce on the Heroes For Hire cover. I talked about it with another woman in comics fandom today who was even more peeved than myself. She's a Marvel fan and actually knows the characters. And Lea has more as well.

I wanna see Persepolis.

The proper way to respond to a comedic insult: New Zealand town renames garbage dump after Cleese.

How To Find Four Leaf Clovers. I am afflicted by a talent at finding the things. The link from Boing Boing has a good overview of how it's done.

Three Concepts Diane Duane Wasn't Expecting To See In The Same Sentence Any Time Soon.

Fine Art as Advertisments. Some are horrid, but there's some really cool stuff in there. I think the Planned Parenthood one is the best.

Pike Place Market Historic Walking Tour. Wish I could do it. Meet at the pig under the clock... cool.

Mmmm, the Dinner Train might change routes and start near Bothell. If it does change routes, I hope hubby-Eric can take me on the train for our birthdays or our anniversary again sometime.

The many uses of Altoid Tins.

USB Mini Fridge is cool, but wouldn't work for me. I don't drink cans of pop anymore.

What's wrong with this story? Let's see, the cafe owner didn't complain, so was the access really unauthorized? Why the horrible punishment?

An Unimpeachable Image.

We Are Poisoned.

Here's The Challenge: Eat for a week on $21. I think I could do it, but I'm sure it wouldn't be good for me at the moment. Maybe when I'm no longer sick.