Monday, September 17, 2007


I received a copy of Devilish Greetings, as reported on Boing Boing. My only complaint is that I wish the book had a little more text putting the postcards into context. There's some editor's notes at the end of the book alongside the translations of the text, but I wanted just a bit more. Still, it's quite an intriguing book.

It's about to get very hard for me to get through downtown. Luckily, a new traffic light has been installed further up the main road that will allow me to take an alternate route once constriction starts.

Happy Constitution Day.

The Annotated Constitution. If you haven't read the constitution recently, read it again now.

Gah, Colleen has horrified me, with this:

But this morning I nearly had a cardiac arrest when the hipper than thou designer on Dress This Nest gleefully removed the dust jackets from all the books in one client's library because dust jackets are just "protective covering" and books look prettier without them.

I'd have to shoot him.

"Books are awfully decorative, don’t you think?"
Wearing Pink. Two boys stand up to bullies. Via MetaFilter.

Emerald City Comicon has a guest list started, and it's looking good!

Forbidden LEGO. Mmmm, I think I want this book.

Steve Irwin's New Turtle.

Beehive in a Glass Jar.

Distracted Driving. Don't we have laws against driving while distracted? Like "negligent driving" and such? Why do we need new laws? Just punish people to the full extent of the current laws. Sheesh. Why do we have to spell out what people can or cannot do?

Ooh, ooh! I want a solar powered PC.

Robots Play Operation.

Comcast sort of, kind of clarifies what level of use is "extreme". They won't set a hard limit, but they'll kick you off if you hit their unspoken limit.

The Top 20 Most Bizarre Experiments of All Time, from the Museum of Hoaxes.

Ah, the love of a parent (LOLBirds).

Rest in Peace, Robert Jordan.