Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blogging Is My Favorite Pastime on Thursdays

The Library Problem. How to organize a home library of thousands of books?

The Bad Astronomy Blog's Top Ten Astronomy Pictures of 2007.

Star Wars Toys that Never Made It.

The Beat asks if Free on the web equals sales?

Writer's interrupt taping of a talentless twit's show.

My friend David Maxine is blogging! Cool!

Wow. Our eBay auctions are a fascinating look into the consumer mind. Dr Fate is the only one that had bids on him as of this writing.

New Jersey abolishes the death penalty.

As if I needed another reason to avoid McDonalds "food", they are actually fining people in England who stay too long in their parking lots! It's the Lincoln Park Pirates all over again.

Making Lights asks what is the first major news event you personally remember. The first big one, after the Bicentennial celebrations when I was four, was the Mt St Helens eruption when I was eight. The first time I realized that history was still happening.