Monday, December 10, 2007

More Links

It's Human Rights Day.

Florida Doomed, says Phil Plait.

An Illustrated History of Trepanation. Just in case you weren't feeling queasy today.

American Elf Archives are now free, which means I'm willing to use RSS to follow them, since it means I probably won't keep getting errors when I try to look at previous day's strips.

Why Chinese signs with English translations often feature the F-word. Short answer: faulty translation software.

Tell the producers of your favorite show what you think about their refusal to give writers their due.

WSDOT photos, lots of flood pictures in this flickr set.

An author has been chosen to finish the Wheel of Time series.

Nokia bizarrely claims the Ogg format is proprietary, which it isn't, because it's open source. Very odd.

If I go down to Olympia, I wanna stop and get some BBQ.

We're ebaying to try to pay the bills, check out our listings.

For Family and Friends only:
My Christmas wishlist: The only thing I really want is gift certificates for Any gift I get is invested in a small business in the developing world. When that business pays me back, I relend the money to someone else, thus supporting a bunch of people with a very small gift. As a bonus, you can follow along at my Kiva page to see what I do with your gift. I, personally, don't need a lot. I have plenty of junk. Helping other folks up is the greatest gift anyone can give. So that's my Christmas wishlist. Note: Kiva also accepts donations to keep running their service. That's a good gift, too.