Thursday, October 23, 2008

M&Ms Challenge

Just for fun.

1) Get yourself either a 1.69oz/47.9g bag or a 14oz/396.9g bag of Milk Chocolate M&Ms.
2) Open bag. Do not eat any (yet).
3) Count the number of Green M&Ms. Do not eat any (yet).
4) Count the TOTAL number of M&Ms (including green). Ok, you can eat them now.
5) Post the number of green M&Ms and the total number of M&Ms here.
6) FUN!

I would love to see if the proportions actually work out. The larger bag is about 8 1/4 times the volume of the small bag, but our averages didn't work out perfectly. I'd love to get more data. So if you are up to getting a bag of M&Ms, please count 'em for me.

And feel free to count different size bags, just please indicate the size in oz/g of the bag you count. Particularly any "fun size" bags. That would be interesting too.

Update: I've actually seen five bag sizes so far. There's the standard size (1.69oz), the large size (14oz), a HUGE size (about 45oz, I think), the Fun Size (no oz listed on bag), and a 100 Calorie Pack size (.7 something oz). I'd certainly like to see what the proportions are on all the sizes, so if you are up to getting some M&Ms, please post your counts!