Friday, March 12, 2010


I braved the passes today to reach Seattle. I'm all set for the Emerald City ComiCon, which you will no doubt be reading about on this blog over the next few days as I write up my adventures.

I have no super-modern tech, so I won't be tweeting or blogging from the show itself. I'll try to write something once I'm home Saturday and Sunday, but no promises. It all depends on how wiped I am.

Good thing I'm not headed back until Monday. The drive out here was wet and a little dicey at the height of the passes where the storm was hitting nice and fierce. Not as bad as a real winter storm, but enough to make driving next to semis a little scary. Oddly, as I look out the front window of my parents' house, the sky is completely clear. Talk about odd weather!

If you want to see me at the con... I'll be wearing an Aquaman T-shirt and carrying a Troll. The rest may change without notice. I plan on wearing my Aquaman Hoodie (me in the Hoodie with an Emmy) for a little while, but how long I wear it depends on how warm it is in the convention hall.