Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stepford Plants Update

Say good-bye to the One Dollar Tomatoes. This may be the last we see of them:

One Dollar Tomatoes

They were outgrowing their pots too quickly to wait any longer, so I replanted them (badly) into the yard. I don't know if they will survive. The odds are very much against them as it's fairly late in the season for this kind of transplant, they are still fairly small, and they are now open to all kinds of problems that they didn't have to deal with in the window pots. And I'm lousy with plants and probably managed to kill them in the replanting. *sigh* At least I completely got my $1 worth out of that kit, and I still have seeds left over to try next year.

The plum stick had a minor disaster in yesterday's windstorm, as the cage around it broke loose from the stakes and fell, taking the stick with it. Fortunately it bent but did not break, and I was able to (I hope) repair the damage, restake the cage much better, and then tied the stick a little to hold it upright for a bit. I hope it stays, but I may need to consult my expert on how to do it right.

The arborvitae are just existing. They don't seem to be growing, but they aren't dying (except that one).

I mowed the yard twice in the last week, once to get through the rain-driven growth, which was really hard because the grass and weeds were still wet. The second mow was to clean up what I missed on the first. I will need to mow again in a couple of days.


David Oakes said...

Yea! We are saved from the Triffids!

Carolyn said...

I think you'll do alright. The plum tree will survive...

Let's cross fingers about tomatoes..I am thinking they might do alright. :)

Tegan said...

The big trick with the tomatoes will be making sure they get enough water. They are in a high sunlight area, same as the window they lived in, but the air is going to be much drier for them.