Tuesday, September 07, 2010

22 Stories

So, I was reading Gail Simone's message board and ran across this thread. The upshot of it is that a fellow has drawn a number of illustrations (there will be 22 when he's done) and he wants people to contribute written works based on those illustrations. Well, I've been looking at something to get my creative juices working again, so I started using my daily 750words.com writing to write stories based on the artwork.

So far, I've written and submitted three works. I don't think any of them are surreal enough (or original enough, sadly) to be seriously considered for the project, but I have very much enjoyed the process. I don't think I'll be writing a story for every drawing, but I hope I can put together a few more stories before I'm done. And once he's announced the winners, I'll probably see if I can post my contributions here for you to laugh at.

You can go check out the illustrations at Sequential Stutter right now.