Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ting Thoughts

I just worked out my bill, and we've saved $63.58 since switching to Ting in November (that includes the cost of our new phones). Let's point out that with Ting, Eric and I have two smartphones with text messaging and access to the internet if we need it... while with Verizon we had two regular cell phones with only 500 minutes, no text and no internet.

There isn't a really a plan that we could have got from Verizon that would match what we have from Ting, but the most comparable would cost a minimum of $80 before taxes and wouldn't include any internet access. With minimal net access it would be at least $130 before taxes. I'm still using my old bill of $71.74 to make the comparison, so really, we're saving more.

If anyone wants to get $25 off at Ting, you can use my referral code and I'll get some credit. And if anyone wants more details on how much I'm saving with Ting, read the rest of the post.

The two phones we got cost us $47.17 total with shipping and everything. November's Ting bill was $29.30 (192 minutes, 386 messages, no data charge). Thanks to a referral, December's bill was $10.69 (142 minutes, 603 messages, 8 megabytes). January was $35.24 (181 minutes, 122 messages), and the February bill was $29.24 (prepaid up to 500 minutes, 1,000 messages, no data (but it's available)).

We paid a Verizon bill for November and had two phone bills that month, but since then we've been saving money. If we'd switched to smartphones with Verizon and gotten free phones, we'd be paying at least $92 a month with taxes. I estimate the savings with Ting to be about $125 so far in that case. If we'd switched to smartphones (free) with the minimal data plan we would pay at least $142 a month with Verizon. Our savings would have been about $275 so far.

So far, great service and great price. I'll keep y'all updated on how it continues.