Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Sunday Review

Eric and I have certainly gotten our copies of the missing Doctor Who episodes, and are currently watching Enemy of the World with much squeeing and joy. So far I can say that Troughton's performance was amazing. His range was nicely proven by the two roles he takes in the story and how much range the characters have within themselves. The Doctor is both cheerful and serious, but his cheerful and serious are different from Salamander's same emotions. Supporting cast and guest cast are also pretty good in this one. I loved the tech... it's set in our near future and phones still have cords. The opening episode is worth watching a couple of times just for Troughton, by the way. The beach run alone is worth another watch or two.

Here are reviews of the DCBS comic books that I've gotten around to reading and reviewing, sorted by the original shipping date:
  • Sep 25th
  • Aquaman #23.2 Ocean Master - This version of Ocean Master bears almost no resemblance to the original, except in one aspect. In the Silver Age, OM was utterly insane and intensely jealous of Aquaman, even though he had forgotten his relationship to Arthur. But he did find a soft spot for Arthur's son that led him to be kind. That's the similarity between this version of OM and the original. That final splash page is very telling. If Aquaman in the 52 universe lasts, it will be interesting to see where DC goes with this.
  • Justice League #23.4 Secret Society - That's really not who I would have guessed was behind it all, but it makes a lovely twisted sort of sense.
  • Justice League of America #7.4 Black Adam - I did wonder a bit how he was going to come back. Wonder no more.
  • Green Lantern #23.4 Sinestro - I'm really not sure how that one ended.
  • Itty Bitty Hellboy #2 - Very cute, very silly, and just what I'd expect from this team. Just as long as they continue doing their brand of humor somewhere in the comic book universe, I think comics will be just fine.
  • Bart Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror #19 - Gross as usual. The transformation story was amusing. And once again, Homer's love for Marge was a major plot point.
  • Peanuts V2 #12 - Another decent book. I love Charlie Brown's reason to go to school.

My library book this week was National Geographic Tales of the Weird: Unbelievable True Stories edited by David Braun. This book presents a number of facts about the world taken from National Geographic Daily News, particularly the weird section. Eleven chapters break down the stories by type, from underwater weirdness to ancient rites. Each story is basically a blog post, sometimes with expert opinions gleaned from around the world. It's a good coffee table type book, something to dip into and read when you feel like it. To get any idea of whether or not you'd like it, definitely check out the weird stories at the website before buying.


Anonymous said...

I've now seen both stories twice--once alone and once with friends, including a 9 year old boy. He was absolutely riveted by "Enemy," though he dipped in and out of "Web" (which surprised me, since that's the one he wanted to see, thanks to the Yeti).

Me, I'm just thrilled--you're absolutely right about that first episode of "Enemy"--the whole serial is better than I was expecting from the audio and recons I've seen. And "Web" is just as exciting and scary and fantastic as I'd imagined! And now, greedy Who fan that I am, I'm hoping for more to come!

Jonathan Miller