Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hey, more links! This is just like old times!

A statue of Jesus has stirred some controversy in a wealthy neighborhood. One woman even called the police on it.

People matching their bodies to book covers.

Mysterious floating black rings are cool. The world is full of neat stuff.

There's a real need for good microscopes in the developing world, but they can be expensive and hard to maintain. Enter the Foldscope. A paper-printed microscope that costs less than a dollar to make and could help doctors identify pathogens or just mean that kids can carry a microscope in their pockets... SCIENCE!

Focus testing the Green Lantern Animated Series, with a bit about why Bruce Timm thinks such focus groups are idiotic.

The Eisner nominees are up. I haven't read most of them, and a couple are in my to-read pile.

It's hard not to be a fan of a baseball team when they pull antics like this. Via Elayne.

That whole Nevada thing? The Atlantic explains it pretty well. In short, the guy stopped paying grazing fees that his family had been paying for generations and mooched off government-owned land, and now he has a bunch of fellow moronic traitors supporting his view that he can stiff the government of millions of dollars.