Friday, May 02, 2014

Links interspersed with Torvald pictures...

Emerald City Comicon's Flickr of this year's convention. In honor of their pictures, I'm going to add a few of my Torvald images from the same convention:

Torvald got to meet Peter David.
I enjoyed these 20 Cool Science GIFs that will teach you something.

It's Torvald and the kids!
I'm not sure I want all the features on the xkcd phone, but I definitely want my phone to scream if it's in free fall.

Don Rosa has been Trolled.
I'm going to link to this text only website, but I warn you to have about ten minutes to spare before you follow this link: Drowning in Problems.

It's Jim Calafiore! And Torvald.
This story from Mike Norton makes me happy. Mike's one of the good guys.

Big Mike Norton and Torvald got along just fine.