Monday, June 23, 2014

I ... I won?!??

So I have this awesome phone company... I've mentioned it before a few (dozen) times, I'm sure. It's called Ting, and basically it's a really nice option if you can afford to buy a phone up-front and don't use a lot of data. You only get charged for what you use, and it's just a neat deal all around.

Ting often runs contests. When I saw their United States World Cup Goal contest, I decided to join in the fun, just because I could. I mean, it's a Sunday game, so Eric and I were sure to be watching it (on Univision) and the odds were good that the US would score at least one goal, right?

So, if you look at my Twitter feed you'll see that right after the first goal I tweeted this:

Goal! I'm only watching the game because I want a free phone from @tingftw #USMNT
...and after the second goal I tweeted this
Goal! Univision is fun when there's a goal! @tingftw #USMNT
I'm not sure which tweet earned me the free device, but since I was listed first in the congrats tweet, I think it might have been the first one.
Thanks to everyone for participating! Congrats to @realtegan and @thoren13 - YOU WIN! Email with your device choice
Right after the game last night Eric and I went out to meet one of his old friends for dinner and by the time we got back I was so exhausted I just fell into bed and went to sleep. This morning I thought to check Twitter to see who won (since I was sure it wouldn't be me) and then spent the next half hour yelling and bouncing around the house, terrifying the cat. I e-mailed Ting about it, then looked at the list of devices and spent the morning considering.

Late in the morning I noticed that the fourth generation iPad was on the list. I wasn't sure whether it was a real option, or they were only offering a phone, so I emailed and asked. Short answer is, I'm going to be getting an iPad!

So, hey, consider Ting for your phone company. I knew I liked them before, now I like them even more.


Bully said...

Congrats!!! Social Media IS good for something!