Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Hugo Review: Best Fancast - Galactic Suburbia

Galactic Suburbia, presented by Alisa Krasnostein, Alexandra Pierce and Tansy Rayner Roberts, features discussion of a variety of genre topics from an Australian point of view.

There was a single episode linked in the packet as the featured episode, but I also downloaded a couple of other ones in the hope that I would get a better representation that way. I'm going to have to say, these are REALLY long podcasts, each one at least an hour with some approaching two hours. I'm a short podcast fan, so I really do have to count the length of these against them.

The good: All three voices are very nice and knowledgeable. It's also easy to tell the speakers apart, which is good. The subjects are varied enough to find something you like among the podcasts. The discussion is very interesting, with the presenters delving deep into each subject. The podcast is also not afraid to introduce the listener to different shows, books, conventions or whatever.

The bad: The featured episode, while interesting, had a little too much about the personal lives of the presenters for a first-time listener. While I don't particularly object to any of what was discussed, I also had very little interest because I had no context.

Conclusion: I enjoyed listening to this podcast, for the first half hour or so, but I eventually had to pause and find something else to do because the length of this was just ridiculously long. I think this moves into third place on my ballot.

Best Fancast: I've listened to Tea and Jeopardy, Ditch Diggers, Fangirl Happy Hour, and Galactic Suburbia. I still need to listen to The Coode Street Podcast.