Monday, October 09, 2017

And now...?

After Saturday's net test, I waited until this morning to text the Centurylink Tech who has been working on my problem. He said he'd be over as soon as he could make it to take another look - this time NOT inside my house. Adding urgency and worry to his life, the network tool he uses to see if an individual line was working apparently couldn't find my line at all.

Well, about 20 minutes ago he pried open the box that has the drop to my house - where the line splits off. He found a badly damaged wire inside and fixed it, then called me to ask if my net was working. As I'd given up on it, I had to open up my computers again and check, and we chatted about the damage while I ran a speed test and checked the modem's reporting.

My net is about as fast as it's ever been since we moved in here.

The modem shows all the various bits and bobs ActionTec told me to look at are within the perfect parameters.

And since he left, knock on wood, the net hasn't gone down. It was failing so much this morning I literally gave up on getting anything done on the computer.

The tech said the line "looked like it was hit by lightning" and was all blackened and burned. As the line itself is inside a box and the box is mostly underground, I'm not sure how that happened. But I'm SO glad we have an answer and I really hope this was the problem all along and it doesn't happen again.

I'm feeling giddy with relief now. Thank you Centurylink Tech who's name I won't mention here, but I shall definitely tell Centurylink that he's the best and needs a raise.

Update: About five hours later, and the net hasn't gone down at all in that time. I tweeted a message to Centurylink support with the tech's name and told them he needs a raise since he fixed a problem that we've been having since July. About four months of this - although due to the intermittent nature it was sometimes just fine.