Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Remove Cat Before Flying

Just saw this video on Mastodon and had to share...

Video is of a small open-air two-seat plane, with the camera pointed at the pilot and passenger. You can see a portion of the left side wing (left from the pilot's point of view). The plane takes off, and shortly after they are in the air, a cat appears on the wing, crawling out from some hiding spot it had found to sleep in. It hangs onto the inside edge of the wing, looking grumpily at the humans. The pilot spots it and does a double-take. The cat meows into the void. The pilot quickly lowers the speed of the aircraft and turns it around to land while the passenger is oblivious to the cat for awhile. The cat shakes itself, clearly not enjoying the ride. As they are landing, the passenger spots the cat, who is glaring at the humans who interrupted its nap. After landing, the pilot quickly unbelts himself and jumps up to assist the cat out of the plane. Once the cat is certain it's safe, it jumps away from the pilot and passenger. Video was posted by romain jantot on YouTube Jun 21, 2015 with the following notes:

A standard flight until... i still don't know if it got in after the pre flight check or if i missed it.
The cat is doing well, she is still our mascot.

Edit :
Ok some details :
- the cat was INSIDE the wing, not on it. she was actually pretty safe in there, the danger was if she wanted to get down to reach us..
- i was the pilote, the woman was on her first flight as a passenger. she smile and giggle a lot, well because that's what flying does to people sometime.
-i told her not to reach for the cat. i told her not to move at all actually. i trusted the cat to not move if we didn't try to reach for her.
-you can see me smile shortly before landing. I was pretty assured by then that the cat wouldn't move and there was a relieve of tension; and the radio exchange with the control tower was kinda hilarious, i couldn't contain a smile.
-cat is a female.
-the flight was normally 20minutes long