Friday, October 24, 2003


I guess I'd better blog now, in case today's massive solar flare turns off the power.

I've never been one for active boycotts. I generally feel that a passive boycott is better because you then don't draw attention to the thing you are boycotting. And with a passive boycott you don't have to do any of those "announcements" that you later may have to withdraw because you find out you were wrong. However, I think I can safely announce my latest boycott. Based on my recent experiences with the EFF, and after learning that they get massive amounts of funding from the Walton Family Foundation, owners of Wal Mart and Sam's Club, I figured I would boycott anything Wal Mart does. That's not hard. I think I've only ever been in a Wal Mart once in my entire life, and I've never set foot in Sam's Club. Indeed, my whole boycott is a bit of a joke because of that. But after this strike, I'm paying a little more attention to things like this. See, Wal Mart and the EFF are educating the people who hate them, one at a time.