Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Lea Hernandez has lost most of her house, her pets, and an unknown amount of her work in a house fire. Her family got out safely.

Gail Simone is suggesting that people who wish to help donate to her public e-mail paypal account at **, and "it was Lea's daughter hearing the smoke alarm that got them all out of bed safely, so PLEASE, everyone check your alarms!"

Bendis Board.
The Engine.
Comic Book Resources.

**UPDATE FROM LEA: Donate to, and look at this entry if you want to contribute in some form other than paypal.

Update: If I've done this right, this paypal button should allow you to donate directly to Lea Hernandez. All money (except what Paypal takes) will go to Lea Hernandez. I get nothing from this at all (except the warm feeling in my heart when we learn that Lea and her children are safely housed and Lea is working again).