Thursday, October 19, 2006


Leonard Kirk's Balls Part VIII.

Fantagraphics is opening a shop here in Seattle. While there are a lot of Fantagraphics books I don't like, there's enough I do enjoy to make me want to check it out sometime. Too bad it's down near Boeing Field, about as far away from my home as you can get and still be in Seattle.

Mike Sterling and the mystery arrow.

The 101 Most Influential People who Never Lived includes Superman and Batman.

Cats via Aaron Williams. Also check out the printer that delivers ripped up documents.

The 100-Mile Diet attempts to get people to think about where their food is produced.

Shock the Monkey.

Slate reports that YouTube makes life difficult for sports officials. They link to a long video showing all the officiating errors in the SuperBowl, as one example out of many.

Wil Wheaton's Scary Movie Story.

Iraqi Bloggers have a Dust-Up.

Reward Offered. On the same topic, Wired news has an article on building a better voting machine.

Habeas Corpus, the right to ask why you are being held, has been taken away. The government now has the right to throw you in jail and torture you without giving any reason for it. As of October 17th 2006, our democracy became a farce. Keith Olbermann has more:

Puggage for the In-Laws and anyone sick of the political stuff. We all need our bread and circuses, right?