Monday, January 08, 2007

A Few More Links

I won. Unfortunately, it appears that I didn't win the trip to San Diego, which was the only prize I actually wanted.

The BMI of Marvel characters. Considering that my BMI is still well above any of them, I'm still not doing too badly.

New shirts for Doctor Who fans: Russell T Davies is my master now and Pest Control. Yea, my Zazzle shop is mostly Oz, but I couldn't resist these. The Russell T Davies shirt is a meta-meta shirt, of course, based on the Joss Whedon one but using Dalek-like typeface instead of Star Wars. Since Davies is much less known in the US, I expect this shirt to be a complete in-joke for the handful of people who buy it.

We're buckling down for another storm up here in the Pacific Northwet. Tomorrow's storm has the potential to turn into snow by evening, so we're getting ready for cabin fever. As long as the power doesn't go out (and the cable for that matter) we'll be just fine.