Thursday, January 11, 2007

Flipping Through Previews...

AAAAAUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!!!Yes, it's that time again... time for "Things in Previews That Look Interesting But I Can't Afford To Get (with a list of things I am getting just for contrast)". I'm going to start with the bulk of the book, and then come back and cover the "big four" at the end. Please remember, I'm listing what looks interesting. My actual purchase list is going to be much smaller. The numbers after each title are usually the page number in Previews Magazine, so you can follow along at home.

Let's start with the covers. Buffy, not a bad likeness... Black Adam, not too bad either. This one is low on the embarrassment factor. Inside, we have the annual survey and the Free Comic Book Day apparel. Including Free Comic Book Day postage stamps. Hmmm. Moving on, let's hit the Splash Page (12-13). Again with Buffy. If I ever finish watching the show (I got through the first season) maybe I'll pick up the comics. Nothing else jumps out at me.

Leaping past the big four and Wizard, into the "Featured Items" (202-205) of the regular publishers... the only item I noticed was Stephen Colbert's Tek Jansen #1. I want to make it clear, I like Stephen Colbert, mostly. Sometimes he goes a little overboard on the parody, and there are a handful of pieces on his show that I actively dislike ("hate" is too strong a word). Tek Jansen is one of them. I really don't like it, even though I know exactly what he's doing and where it's coming from. Perhaps it hits a little too close to home? Of course, Tek is a parody of a type of comic I don't really like (space adventure), so maybe not. In any case, I won't be getting this.

Flipping... flipping... flipping... Do Gooder Press (271) is the first item that really jumps out, with a new issue of PS238, YAY!

Next up: Fantagraphics (276-277) is putting out Castle Waiting Vol II #6. Yay again!

Next up is a collection of Evil Inc from Greystone Inn Comics (281). I'm tempted by this, because I enjoy the strip, but I may have to pass on it due to lack of funds.

I was very amused to see a Shaun The Sheep Comic #1 coming out from Titan Publishing (314). Tempting, but I think I'll pass.

Skipping merrily through, bypassing lots of stuff, I find Hellboy Heroclix on page 468 from WizKids Games. And I'm going to move back to the front of the book already, because there just isn't a lot in this issue.

Dark Horse... the cover to Usagi Yojimbo #101 is perhaps the creepiest of the entire series so far.

DC Comics has just the standard books. Looks like Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #50 will be a highlight of the month for me, but we'll get the usual JLA and JSA books, and DMZ of course.

Image Comics has Noble Causes and True Story, Swear to God.

Marvel Comics has Wisdom and Powers.

And there it is... all of Previews. I'm finally all the way through. Huzzah. So that's it for this month's "Things in Previews That Look Interesting But I Can't Afford To Get (with a list of things I am getting just for contrast)". Comments? Questions? Did I miss any really cool books that you know about and would like to point out? Do you disagree with something I wrote, and want to correct me? There's the comments, right below. Post something. And, yes, I accept review copies. I'm willing to give almost anything a try.