Friday, January 05, 2007


I'm sure you are all getting bored of Aquaman and TiVo... so here's some links.

The Examiner looks at Spider-Man and the recent events of Civil War.

Boing Boing looks at Death Note, which I've been reading from the library.

I should make an Aquaman version of this t-shirt.

The cover to Dorothy #7 has been posted. Go look. Me want.

Aaron Williams talks about the Doctor Who spin-offs. I enjoyed Torchwood, although I wouldn't let kids see it (I'm a prude that way) and I adored Sarah Jane Adventures and can hardly wait to see more. But I understand people who don't like either.

DI covers Galloping Gertie. If you grew up in the Puget Sound area, chances are good that your school district had an old film of the fall of the bridge which got played repeatedly in forward and reverse.

Just what is an oaf, anyway?

UFO over Chicago.

Library locks up when lazy parents send their kids there as free daycare, causing endless disruptions and danger to the staff. Be sure to read the library's statement to understand just how long they've put up with the problem.

Voting Machine Certifier de-certified after they were caught certifying insecure machines.