Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's National Gorilla Suit Day!

National Gorilla Suit Day Banner

I haven't gone out because 1) I don't have a gorilla suit, and 2) I still have a nasty cold and don't want to get sicker.


I want. I mean I REALLY want. But it says on the store's website: "Sorry, this product is not available." AHHHHH!!!! It's only available in Europe!!!!! Ack!!!! UPDATE: as Jonathan Miller reports, this is in this month's Previews on page 468. I'm getting one.

Is This Gratuitous?

Scott Adams argues for an intelligent universe. Then he defends his position.

Daniel Radcliffe appears nude on stage. Parents of Harry Potter fans up in arms. End of the world coming. Via Colleen. See here for the full set of photos.

Maine Blogger Vindicated, corrupt state official who attacked him has been fired. Thanks to Garrett for the tip.

YouTube link: Powerpuff Girls Z Episode 1 part 1, Powerpuff Girls Z Episode 1 part 2, and Powerpuff Girls Z Episode 1 part 3. Via Mah Two Cents.