Sunday, February 11, 2007

eBay Adventures

Hubby-Eric and I are really short on cash this month, AND we want to clear out some of the mess in our house. Hubby-Eric has decided to sell off his Green Lantern collection, and I'm going to prune my own collections a bit. The result is that we've been readying ourselves to put stuff up on eBay. And finally, now, we have posted our first three non-KBTC auctions. All for PVC sets that feature Green Lantern.

If you want to look at my auctions, I'm the user tegan. There should be three KBTC auctions (all the money we get from those goes to a local PBS station) and three PVC sets.

Heh. The original goal was to just get the stuff out of the house and find a good home for it. Now that I've seen our monthly bills, I'm really hoping to see a bidding war and some nice prices, though I suspect we aren't going to. *sigh*