Sunday, February 11, 2007

Links and Domain Move Update

ComicMix has now gone live, after defeating the gamma rays, apparently.

Bully's ten of a kind: Skeletons!

And the domain change to continues. I've got most of the stuff from eskimo either moved to new places or backed up on my laptop, and I'm starting to put up redirect pages on eskimo now. My new e-mail, which matches my name, is fully active and utterly spamless so far. That won't last long, I suspect. It's nice to have my own domain... I set up a new address for my eBay auctions so I wouldn't lose them in the piles of spam. Anyway, the images on my sidebar now all reside on my new server, and my little quote scripts all go to too. There will be some broken links as I continue to go through and fix things, but for the most part I'm actually up and running on the new domain!

Once again, for anyone coming in late, the new URL for the Aquaman page is, which is much shorter than the old one, but a little harder to spell. Other subdomains will be listed at as I get them fully up-and-running.