Friday, February 02, 2007

Friday Thoughts

Bully makes a DC teaser image. I like it better than the official one, cuz Bully's includes Aquaman.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #88.

I need to get myself a slanket. I'm always cold, and would love one of these suckers to keep me toasty.

The King County Library System ordered 400 copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm 409 on the list. ARGH!!!!

You can now do site feeds by post labels/tags! This means that if someone was interested in only my Ripples Through Time posts, they could use this site feed and get only those posts, nothing else. Happily, it's system-wide. Check out this help topic to see how to set up a label-specific feed for any blogger site that 1) has an active feed already and 2) uses labels.

Now, if they just fix this bug, labels will be much more useful to me.

Speaking of Blogger and its new system... I still haven't had any posting problems. Feed issues, yes, but no posting problems.

I have started looking at layouts, the new templates for New Blogger, and I'm irritated. The code design is ugly and uncommented, and while there seems to be lots of room for personalization, Blogger's unhelpful help methods are downright useless. I thought that converting the least customized of my blogs, The Wonderful Blog of Oz, would be easy, but I keep hitting major roadblocks. New Blogger has no "recent posts" widget, and there is no description of how to edit an existing widget without using the useless tools Blogger provides. For some reason, the templates I've seen put the site feed link at the bottom of the page instead of in the sidebar, which makes no sense to me, and there's no way I can see to move the feed to the sidebar because it's integrated into their ugly/messy blog post widget.

Still, despite the lack of useful help pages on Blogger, I'm making some progress with the conversion attempt. Haloscan, for one, was easy to set up as there is a conversion wizard, and I was able to compare the before and after code to see what they did. That's led me to figure out some of the other pieces of the puzzle. By the time I try to convert Bloggity's template, I ought to be an expert in this crap.