Friday, February 02, 2007

Really Rapid Reviews

These are mini-capsules: about one sentence per book with whether or not I recommend the book.

31 January 2007

52 Week Thirty-Nine: "Powers & Abilities": Yay! Aquaman appearance! The rest... eh, so-so. Mildly recommended.

Ion #10: "Tales of the Green Lantern": Ah, the multiverse! And a new way of travelling in it! Interesting stuff. Recommended.

JSA Classified #22: "Fire and Ice!": If I wanted a Hawkman/Hawkgirl tale, I'd buy the Hawkbook. As I want a JSA tale, this is a disappointment. Not recommended.

These are the only books on my list that arrived at my store on Wednesday. Yup, we got screwed by Diamond again. I might get the rest this weekend, we'll see. Otherwise, it's a big week next week.