Thursday, March 22, 2007

Catching Up Lunkdimp

Scipio gives 50 Reasons to Buy Aquaman #50.

If you want to hear that song mentioned in Girl Genius yesterday, it's here.

More on the ridiculous JLA #10 cover.

Someone else has started a meme for drawing Power Girl, and all the ones I checked were better than the JLA cover.

Marital help ads in comics. Heh.

Life, it is a Travesty... has a couple of really good links for us, like A 10 day survival pack for your car and How I Became A Music Pirate, written by a music fan disgusted by DRM.

Speaking of pirates, Dan Slott wants comic pirates to stop downloading his comics. Tom Spurgeon makes a point I disagree with. He says that he'd rather get his comics downloaded free than have a paper copy. Sorry, I would hate to read my comics on-line entirely. One to five pages, no problem. Much more than that and you're talking about eyestrain. I'd much rather read a paper copy than an on-line copy, even if the on-line copy is free. That's why I recently previewed Colleen Doran's A Distant Soil on-line, then bought the book with what little was left of my Amazon credit. I couldn't read more than five pages in a row without my head hurting. Luckily for Colleen, that was all it took (combined with her smaller doses of Seasons of Spring) to get me hooked.

Wired reports on You Don't Know Jack! which is now available to play on-line.

Yay! Ghost Hunters is renewed! Yay!

The Librarians' Index to the Internet directs us to this summary of the Battle of Thermopylae that tells the real tale of 300 Spartans.

Scott Adams attempts to improve your sex life.

Ichiro has a TV show, and it's not about baseball.

Slashdot reports that the RIAA is caught up in a web of their own legal lies. Good.

The paradigm has shifted: bloggers go through thousands of pages of dumped documents within hours to find the nice juicy bits. You can't hide behind document dumps any more, not when people are willing to check everything you show them.

Million Dollar Homes being rented for $150 a month to low-income families.

I'm never donating to the Salvation Army again, after reading this tale.

Sad news: Seattle Hostel Closing Down. Well, it was in a prime location, with the ability to show off Seattle's best and worst within just a few blocks.

This story will make your blood boil. Sending a guy to jail because he's a victim of identity theft? ARGH! Our system is broken, and needs some fixing.

Just in case it wasn't already obvious: DON'T BUY PILLS FROM ON-LINE PHARMACIES.

And a bit of cute to end on: IKEA Cat.