Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Continuing to Get Unscrewed

I thought I'd just mention the auctions for Unscrewed Comics going on right now, since my current auctions are over for the moment (whew).

You can read about Unscrewed Comics here, and learn what caused a bunch of freelancers to come together.

The short story: Rick Olney cheated a whole bunch of people, promising them pay for various work, only he never paid most of them. Being something of a common occurrence in the comic book business (to be paid late), these people didn't realize until they started comparing notes that they'd all been cheated by the same guy. So they decided to prevent other people from being cheated by publicizing the guy's methods and dishonesty, and furthermore, they decided to turn the negative energy into something positive.

Thus the auctions, and soon there will be an anthology of works by various creators who support the cause. The cause being preventing "publishers" from getting away with not paying their workforce.

Unscrewed Comics