Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lunkdimp the Third

Mark Evanier explains why the San Diego Comicon is unlikely to move to Vegas. And he's pretty convincing, too.

The courtesy tag "NSFW" means "Not Safe For Work", ie there is likely to be nudity or adult content at the link. But apparently some folks think it's censorship because software filtering companies filter out NSFW websites. *sigh*

Vampire for President? Um. Right. Not precisely the kind of guy I'd vote for, but the joke potential is endless.

Paintball Recruiting.

Man caught in the act of stealing copper wire says he's not a thief. He figured since the wires weren't active yet, they were scrap metal. This is becoming a BIG problem in this area, as items made of metal are stolen, including LIVE telephone wires, causing outages.

And lastly: don't eat me (yes, it's safe for work).