Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lunk a Dimp, Lunk a Dimp

People are getting ready for this weekend: Illusive Arts and Jeff Parker just to name a couple.

Colleen Doran has more on 300. Have I mentioned lately that I really like Colleen Doran's blog?

Mike Gold is a Luddite. Or so he sort of says. But hey, I love my cell phone precisely because I can turn it off so easily if I want to.

Also from Mike: Is Song of the South going to finally be released? I would love to see a good treatment of the movie, with plenty of information along with it to put in it context.

Cool Barcode Doormat.

Saturn is strange. There's a hexagon at the North Pole and an eye at the South Pole.

Two 14-year-old schoolgirls test the vitamin C content of various juices, and find out one juice maker was lying about the amount of vitamin C in their product. GO GIRLS!

Why an eBook reader won't displace books. I would buy a $20-50 eBook reader, but not a $200-300 one.

The Farewell Dossier. What happens when you spy and are caught at it.

The Blog Death Threat made the BBC News.