Monday, March 12, 2007

Lunkdimping, Again


Bully's Tribute To The Death of Captain America. All of the deaths of Captain America, actually.

Download free, legal Comic Books in .cbz format. Free. And Legal. Including Galaxion, which I want a TPB of when the story gets that big.

I was amused to find a single reply to my post about Unscrewed. I replied to that comment, though my better instincts told me not to. Apparently Rick Olney enjoys seeing himself on Google or something, or there's no way he would've noticed my little blog.

Lea Hernandez is home again. Huzzah!

Rest In Peace, Arnold Drake.

MetaFilter connects Heroes and Watchmen, warning, spoilers for future Heroes episodes in the links.

Marv Wolfman scares me with Passover Plague Toys.

A Spell of Confusion aka "Does a balrog have wings?"

We are controlled by a cat virus!!!

Girls who were suspended for saying "vagina" get to meet the author of "The Vagina Monologues," Eve Ensler.

We're gearing up for Oz at McDonalds.

A story of kindness.

Pi Day is coming! Pi Day is coming!

Politics: Injured troops, unfit for duty, ordered back to Iraq.