Sunday, March 11, 2007

Really Rapid Reviews

These are mini-capsules: about one sentence per book with whether or not I recommend the book.

7 March 2007

52 Week Forty-Four: "Deaths in the Family": This book goes up, this book goes down. I liked the bits with Renee Montoya, but not the rest. Mildly recommended.

The Flash #9: "Full Throttle Prologue: Split Decision": Another good issue. I particularly like the name of the bad guy at the beginning. Recommended.

Justice League of America #6: "The Tornado's Path: Iron Man": Um. Ok. Is it over, then? Neutral.

Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil #2: "NZIB GZPVH GSV XZPV": I've never been a huge Captain Marvel fan, but this is a good book. Recommended.

Justice League Unlimited #31: "The One-Man Justice League": I admit that I never really thought of Rex as being that egotistical, but it worked for this tale. This is a great book. Highly recommended.

Age of Bronze #25: "Betrayal 6": I read through this intently, then read the text pages, then flipped back through the story and suddenly realized that the issue was entirely talking. I hadn't realized that while reading it. It was THAT good. Highly recommended.

The Phantom #15: "Walker's Line Part Two of Two": A flashback tale to the current Phantom's youth, this wasn't a bad tale, but doesn't stand out. Mildly recommended.

Castle Waiting #5: Ok, now in addition to wondering exactly what's up with Tylo (he's NOT the one she ran from, is he?) I'm also wondering what the heck is wrong with the doctor. Highly recommended.

My buddy David has me pick up a few books for him, and asked for some Marvels this week... including Captain America. Here's what I thought of the Marvels I grabbed for David, and thanks again David for letting me read them.

Daredevil #94: "Our Love Story": Wow. This is an interesting introduction to Daredevil. A very good jumping on point, as it turns out. I have no interest in the character, but this was an intriguing story. Recommended.

Captain America #25: "The Death of the Dream: Part One": Plenty of context is given throughout the issue, so the story wasn't hard to follow. It was ok. Mildly recommended.

Fantastic Four #543: A jumping on issue, with a 45th anniversary story. Fairly solid. The Stan Lee cameo story was nicely silly. Mildly recommended.

Civil War: The Initiative: Chaotic and messy, and not pleasant in what's happened in the Marvel Universe. I never thought I'd actively hate Iron Man. Very mildly recommended.