Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Lunkdimp-Thing

Bully visits Seattle and now has me craving Top Pot Doughnuts. Mmmmm Bavarian Cream...

Lots and lots of cool Owly sketches. I want an AquaOwly one of these days.

The Bad Astronomer links to a sky map. Cool.

Speaking of space, Airliner narrowly misses being hit by falling space junk. This is going to become more and more of a problem in the future. Should we start worrying now?

Colleen Doran on the search for Homer’s Ithaca.

Seattle Times on Song of the South.

I like tattoos, but I'm nart inclined to get one, 'cuz I'm a coward who changes her mind too much for a permanent change. But I'd be tempted by this tattoo.

How To Get Rid of Stuff.

Spinning shapes. Is it related to the hexagon on Saturn?

A call for Blogging Code of Conduct. Um, how about basic common courtesy and respect? And immediate criminal prosecution of people who make "anonymous" death threats?

Is the blog boom over? I'd say, just from the killing of dead blogs I've done on Blogshares over the last few months, that there was a boom in the summer of 2004 that resulted in a lot of dead blogs.

The face of the RIAA: Sony Music drops suit after sternly worded lawyer-letter. And Boing Boing wants you to remember that it's the LABELS that are suing their customers, and hiding behind the name of the RIAA to protect their reputations.

Hotlinking is BAD. It's theft. Nobody told John McCain apparently, as his campaign stole bandwidth from a webpage designer, who pranked McCain in response. In future, all politicians should hire an internet consultant who actually knows the internet.

I'd wondered why there wasn't a lawsuit... but I guess I didn't look far enough. Snohomish County and voting machine maker Sequoia are being sued for the inability to recount votes in a transparent way (as is required by state law), therefore effectively outsourcing elections to a private company. Among the data presented was the very close election between Rossi and Gregoire for Governor, which included a "statistical impossibility" that gave Rossi considerably more votes in Snohomish County.

You'd better hope you don't end up on the list.

Afraid of subpoenas, White House staff avoids using secure White House e-mail. Instead, they use non secured e-mail that puts sensitive data at risk. Yeah, really intelligent. They might as well just hand over all our state secrets to terrorists.

And to leave you with amusement... CLUNK!