Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sunday Night Links

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #100!!!

Todd Goldman Meme.

Doctor Who: Daleks are scariest, but I think that number 2 on the list was scarier.

Doctor Who: Trekkie.

Doctor Who: The Joker and Doctor Who.

Mike Daisy confronts the man who assaulted him by pouring water on his work in the middle of a performance.

He has three kids--one is 21, and two are 17--and he's terrified of the world. Terrified by violence, and sex, and he sees it all linked together--a horrifying world filled with darkness, pornography and filth that threatens his children, has threatened them all his life. They're older now, but he says he still sees things the same way--and that the only way to protect his children and himself is to lock it all out of his life.

He also said he's had anger-control issues for years, and sometimes acts of rage come over him--he explodes, and then has to apologize, and doesn't know why it happens. He tries to lock it down, but it happens, and he's ashamed of it. I told him that regardless of where we both stand, I felt very strongly that the repression of walling off everything in the world and viewing it all as filth is connecting with these outbursts, and that it isn't going to work--until you deal with the root causes, and deal with the world, his anger and rage would keep using him.
Mercury Dime.

Comparing Calorie Restriction to Anorexia. Hrm. Definitely something to think about.

Tired Kitten.