Saturday, May 12, 2007

Er, PartyLite?

My sister invited me down to a party at my parents' house... a "PartyLite" party. She mentioned candles, but I really wasn't sure what I was getting into. I figured on some multi-level marketing scheme, which happens a lot around me for some reason, and figured I would buy a candle and be done with it. I love candles, but I'm incredibly disappointed by most of them. They never burn cleanly, and I always end up with smoke in my eyes. So I wasn't expecting much from this, but a single candle can't cost too much...

When I got to my parents' house and walked in, the first thing I noticed was THE SMELL. Oh good grief there was a wonderful smell in the house. There were at least 20 candles burning in the living room alone, and each bathroom had candles in it as well. I didn't notice any smoky smell, either, which was refreshing. And most of the candles were burning so evenly it was hard to tell they were burning. VERY nice.

Lisa's friend (M) is the consultant, and I quickly enough identified it as a multi-level marketing scheme. So, yes, despite the wonder of non-smoky candles I think I was, on the balance, feeling a bit negative about the whole thing at this point. I would certainly buy one, because I generally do buy candles when I can, but I wasn't feeling great about it.

I waited for M to launch into her spiel, but she and Lisa just chatted with me about other things while my mom talked about a book club to another friend who had shown up. Eventually I had to ask them about the candles. M gave me a catalog and pulled out a sampler case. She didn't have any patter down, which was amusing, she was winging it and simply enjoying herself. I coaxed information out of Lisa and M, figuring out what kind of things I would like. They plied me with samplers to smell, many of which were simply wonderful, some not so much.

My mom, finishing up her book club talk, told about how one of the PartyLite candles came in really handy during the long December power outage after the windstorm. They were without power for over 4 days. They put one of the PartyLite candles in the main bathroom, and because it was safely enclosed in a deep glass vase, they simply let it burn the entire time. It lasted the length of the outage, and still had some left. But it gave them a bathroom light in a time of need.

Ok, color me impressed. The candle in question cost $22 plus shipping and tax, so I decided against it. However, one thing I noticed about the candle was that the level of wax in the glass vase was at the same level as the wick... there was no hollow like in all the candles I have. The glass above that level was clear... and yet the candle was clearly burned nearly to the bottom! I've apparently never experienced good candles before.

While I would've loved to get a pile of candles to try out, the prices were a bit high for me to swallow. I settled on some tealights (cute little candles which I adore!) that are supposed to last four hours minimum. The last tealight I had burned out after 2 hours, so if these last that much longer I'll be very impressed. I plan on a hot bath with candles very soon. Lisa helped me pick out ones that have strong scents, and I paid up for my order. Then M gave me and hubby-Eric (who was dragged along) each a free sample tealight... hmmm, maybe I'll do a bath tonight.

After I ordered, Lisa showed off a wall sconce she'd gotten that holds tealights or votives. I fell in love with it. I did a theatrical little begging of hubby-Eric for it, but he wisely said no, at least not yet. We really can't afford it. So I dropped the subject and started plotting out how I'm going to get my hands on one eventually. Er, maybe I should erase that bit, since I know Eric reads this blog. Hmmm.

After a few other people arrived, we left and went home. Once home, I gave the catalogs a much more careful going-over, and found a few things I'd missed (like a pumpkin-scented candle, argh! I wanted to smell that one!). I also did a Google search on Partylite to see what the 'net has to say about them. While there was some negative, most of it was down to incompetent consultants, and M is competent. I actually came out of my 'net research feeling more inclined to host my own party (if I could find enough people to invite) than when I left my parents' house. Heck, at the very least I'd have a really wonderful smelling house after it was over.

For a person who hates multi-level marketing, I keep ending up getting stuff from them. With candles involved in this one... I just hope I don't get burned.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I know what you mean. I was talking with my cousin when I found out about Partylite. Just in passing. Well, I end up with the consultant over to my house because I absolutely love candles as well, but what a skeptic I am when it comes to these pyramids and such. Well, she sets up all of these candles and we begin to talk, but not about the company as much as we talked about everything else. She wasn't trying to sell me and I really liked that. It was as if she just took the rest of the day just to come over and shoot the breeze with me. She had set everything up when she first arrived and she eventually demo'd an idea of what a show would be like, I made coffee, and we were back to talking by candlelight. When she left, I had everything I needed and later my husband said that when he came into the house the smell of the candles hit him at the door. I thought, really? The candles were of really good quality and I the prices were varied. Some I could afford, some not. I fell in love with the line. What I really liked was the fact that they have specials! I'm going to give the business a try. I was doing some math today and I think I can make alot of money doing this and have a lot of fun as well. I'll let you know how it goes.

Nikki Hendrix said...

I can totally relate to your blog. This is exactly how I felt 4 years ago. I was invited to a show, skeptical at the least. That night, I fell in love. I went to several shows that year while I was pregnant with my first child. After she was born, I attended another and decided to start the business. That was 3 years ago. Now I am one of the top sellers in the country and have more PartyLite than I could ever imagine. I LOVE THIS STUFF! They just added a whole new line of gourmet foods as well called Two Sisters Gourmet® by PartyLite®. If you would like a free sample, email me at

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