Monday, May 14, 2007

Sunny Monday Links

Best wishes go out to Polite Scott who is in hospital after a heart attack. Get well soon, Scott!

Oh, I'm SO glad I didn't go downtown Friday afternoon. I'd rather meet Bully than Blake any day (sorry Blake, Bully is cuter).

Linda Medley asks us to Help Greensburg Kansas by remembering it as it was before the tornado.

There has been a reaction to Doctor Who being pre-empted by a stupid song contest.

Speaking of, Doctor Who has a Prologue.

Interview with Hiro. Ah, a fellow nerd.

E-mail scammers getting desperate?

Candle update: I did indeed take a nice hot bath, and burned a "Green Apple" candle. I burned the tealight for a little over an hour, and after I blew it out and let it cool, it looked like I'd burned it for only a couple of minutes. On the negative side, the room only smelled faintly of apples, but then I had the fan going, which no doubt dispersed some of it. On an unrelated note, I found another activity that is much improved by having lost so much weight. On Sunday I burned the other tealight in the small bathroom until it burnt out... five hours later! The room smelled of citrus the rest of the evening.