Friday, June 08, 2007


I've got a lot of blogs to try to read and catch up on, and a whole lot of links I want to check out. So here's some ones I've found for the moment. More later.

LOL Doctor Who: The Lost Frisbee. The Many Moods of Oods. Invisibles.

Paul Cornell on his Doctor Who story.

Congrats to Anna for her new store. I hope hubby-Eric and I can stop by on our trip this summer.

If you like Girl Genius, check out Othar Tryggvassen's Twitter Adventures.

I like Elayne's Corny Solution.

If you have a cat that likes to jump on your keyboard, this is for you.

Great reviews of movie trailers by pal Dorian.

You Tube Links:

Oh. My.

Recordings of Concert Intermissions. Interesting. As a musician, I would be fascinated to hear this.

This is me.

An unusual vacation. I think I wouldn't mind trying it, but not working there.

The Bad Astronomer is a Firefly Fan.

Canadian souvenir is really expensive.

I can understand the cheering ban, but denying diplomas to people who get cheered? Couldn't some jerk arrange to make sure someone doesn't get a diploma just by getting people to cheer for them? It's a stupid punishment aimed at the wrong people.

That's one of the ugliest logos I've ever seen. I like the alternate further down in the article MUCH better.

Um. Duh? Put wheels on kids shoes, some kids will be stupid and end up in hospital. Some kids won't be stupid and will still end up with broken bones. Why is this "news"?