Friday, June 01, 2007

Partylite Candles

My Partylite Candles arrived last night, in a special delivery by my Mom. In addition to the tealights I had ordered, my Mom bought me the wall sconce I really wanted (!) and she and Lisa conspired to buy me some votive candles to fit in it, including the pumpkin ones! I love my family.

I've been burning tealights that my little sister has supplied for me while I waited for my order to come in. The tealights have a very light scent, and don't fill up a full room. But they work GREAT in my little bathroom, and keep that room smelling much better than its usual musty/bathroomy scents.

The wall sconce looks great on my wall, but I haven't had a chance to use it yet, because I waited for hubby-Eric to get home and get permission to place it where I wanted to put it (it's only right to consult with your partner before putting holes in a wall).

I've decided to do a party at some point, but not sure when yet or who will want to come. I know my house will smell great after, and if people buy some stuff I'll get a couple of free candles. I do want to invite my sisters so we can be a little girly for a bit. And for myself, I want a snuffer... and a tabletop votive holder or two... and more candles.