Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Unrelated to Anything Else

Today's morning weigh-in shows that I've lost 85 pounds since I started my efforts on June 10th 2006. I could lose up to 55 more pounds before I start becoming disgustingly (and possibly unhealthily) skinny. I don't have a particular goal weight, anymore. My plan is to continue eating and exercising the way I have been for the last year and let my weight settle whenever it wants to settle.

As a result, my rate of loss should be slowing the closer I get to whatever my final weight will be. I expect these Unrelated to Anything Else posts to get rarer as time goes by. I'm actually surprised that it only took me a month to lose the most recent 5 pounds. It should've taken much longer, especially with all the disaster days I had. Still, I expect to know what my final weight will be sometime next summer. Watch this space. Maybe I'll start doing these posts monthly or so once I stop losing weight.

I'm keeping up with the exercise, and I've discovered that I can run again. I can jump around and not destroy my knees. I can move more freely. The weight loss isn't doing much to help the fibromyalgia, but every other health problem I have is going away! I've actually begun to get a good sense of what is fibro and what isn't thanks to the weight loss, and it's not entirely what I expected.

I have a neck again. And my collarbone has reappeared. My face now resembles the face I remember when I look in the mirror. My wrists have almost no fat on them at all. My wedding ring slides off when I type, so I don't wear it anymore (must get it adjusted). I'm still technically "obese", but I'm very close to simply being "overweight". I was "morbidly obese" when I started.

Moving on to snackfoods... I have tried a number of 100 Calorie packs, and here's some quick thoughts on them. Hostess 100 Cal Cakes: Ok, but very messy. I want a 100 calorie Ding Dong. Keebler Fudge Shoppe Stripes and Grasshoppers: YUM! The grasshoppers (mint chocolate) are even better than the full-size cookies. Snackster's Chocolate and Peanut Butter: Decent. General Mills Chocolate Caramel Chex: Better than expected, Crunchy. Nabisco Cheese Nips: Yuck. Nabisco Chips Ahoy and Oreo: Eh. Nabisco Lorna Doone: Yum. Nabisco Planters Peanut Butter, Teddy Grahams, Wheat Thins: Ok. Kellogg's Yogos (90 calorie packs!): Yum.

I think the Pocky and stuff that Michael Sensei sent me will last me quite awhile. My only problem is, because I don't read Japanese, I'm having trouble figuring out nutritional info. The stuff I buy from import shops are required to have English translations of the nutrional labels. I've compared labels of ones I have translations for, and can at least figure out the serving sizes and calories (I'm clever when not fogged). But I'm really curious about the rest of the labels. For the first time, I really wish I could read Japanese. Or at least post Japanese Kanji and hope that someone would translate for me.

Racin 4 da Cure