Friday, July 27, 2007

Comicon Stuff

San Diego Comic Con International 2007 Flickr Set.

Sara Ryan has new minicomics ready. I want.

The Beat has some links.

Photos from Newsarama.

Photos from Wired.

San Diego Roundup from Newsarama.

Pictures and thoughts from Comics Should Be Good.

Bully on Day 1 (thank you for the Yellow Brick Road pics, Bully!).

More from Newsarama.

Colleen Doran on the Friends of Lulu Awards.

Still more from Newsarama.

Links from The Beat.

Photos from The Beat (Eric Shanower looks snazzy!).

The Beat has also posted a couple of videoblogs. The first is a general overview, the second is an interview with Scott McCloud.

Bully is live-Twittering, and it's great fun to read and respond. THANKS AGAIN, BULLY!