Thursday, July 26, 2007

An Evening At The Kwik-E Mart

Despite my incredibly sore ear, I was determined to go out and have some fun tonight. Hubby-Eric had scored us preview tickets to the Simpsons Movie down at the Cinerama on 4th Ave. In addition, one of the Kwik-E Marts was open just a few blocks down from the Cinerama over on Denny Way, so we decided to visit that as well.

Kwik-E Mart

As you can see, there was a great spot across the street to take a picture for the complete effect. If my camera had been set on panoramic view, the Space Needle would be just to the right a ways. The arches in the background of this shot are the Pacific Science Center.

Kwik-E Mart Eric

Eric attempted to figure out what the Comic Book Guy was reading.

Kwik-E Mart Buy

Some stuff you could buy in the Kwik-E Mart. We bought all three.

Kwik-E Mart Employee

A very gracious and long-suffering employee of the 7-11 Kwik-E Mart. Seriously, the poor employees clearly had been under siege since the promotion began, but took it all graciously and posed for images. The place was packed with camera-wielding tourists snapping pictures of everything... can you imagine working in a place where everyone is taking your picture for one month, when usually they ignore you?

Anyway, we picked up our goodies, including a couple of donuts to hold us over until the movie ended, and headed back to the car and dropped everything off. Then over to the line for the Cinerama. It was a good line. Lots of people. Pretty calm for the most part. I took my medication and was seeing lots of interesting things that weren't there. Eric kept me grounded. The edge was off the medicine by the time we went inside.

As it was a sponsored preview by a radio station, we got the usual trivia before the movie. As it was a preview that happened just before opening day, we also got the movie previews before the movie... including the teaser for the new Batman movie. Yes, I saw the teaser on the big screen already. Score one for me.

As for the movie itself... if you like the Simpsons, you will like the movie. If you are ambivalent about the Simpsons, you will probably not feel like you've wasted any money. If you don't like the Simpsons, DON'T GO SEE IT. As for me, who can handle the Simpson's in small doses, I was beginning to squirm by the time the movie entered its final act, although for the most part I enjoyed it.

Of note, when the Simpsons get to Seattle, there was a great cheer from the hometown crowd.


There were lots of in-jokes and winks to the audience, including a framing sequence involving a movie theater. If you stay and watch the credits, you'll see more of that sequence. At the very least, stay until you hear the Springfield Anthem (*I* found it funny). The Comic Book Guy has a very life-affirming line towards the end of the movie, as well.

All-in-all a pretty good flick, especially at the price we ended up paying for it. I can't recommend it to everyone, but people who will like it already know who they are.