Thursday, July 26, 2007

Morning Linkdump

Still playing catch-up. At least I now know why I've been so miserable for the last few weeks. My ear still hurts. I hope the medication kicks in soon.

Amelia Rules: The Things I Cannot Change. More information here.

Thursday, August 9th is Miracle Treat Day, and hubby-Eric and I plan to get a Blizzard at DQ that day.

Speaking of food, can dieting make you fatter? Well, yeah, if you diet for awhile and then rebound. My current "diet" is permanent, I plan on sticking to it for the rest of my life. In similar news, Obesity is contagious. Unfortunately, the reverse doesn't seem to be true.

Bob Harris recommends a 1987 movie set in 1856 Nicaragua to explain 2007 US foreign policy.

Although I missed the Fourth of July in linking, really, I still want to shout out Bully's wonderful entry for the day. Way cool.

Tammy talks about men in feminism. This relates to Dark Horse comics reprinting an incredibly disgusting misogynist work.

Vintage Seattle looks at The Bon Marche.

Yes yes, it happened some time ago, but I still want to glee over Ichiro's All-Star inside-the-park home run, the only highlight of the game for me.

Science Fiction Writers Have No Sense of Scale.

New Olympics for youth?

Ken Jennings mentions my husband on his blog. Ok, so Eric wrote to him, but it's still cool.

Follow San Diego through text messages at San Diego Dreaming.

Pics from Preview Night.