Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Candle Update

For the two of you that read this blog and were at my candle show, I've completed the order and it's going in. I'll e-mail and call folks when their candles arrive, and deliver them as soon as practical. I'm told I had a good event, and if hubby-Eric and I are still in the area in October I'll have another party then. We set a tentative date of October 24th.

I wanted the date to be before Hallowe'en, but not so early that people would think they could get candles in time for it. And it had to be after I go see Spamalot. Just because. So that seemed like the best date.

If we're still here, I want to get some of those big candle jars that last forever in case of a power outage. I hope we don't have a winter as bad as the last one, but if we do, I'd like to make sure I've got some supplies that will help me survive in style.